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This homegrown, 1/2 Beefmaster American steer got branded at the Legendary Fort Worth Livestock Show. Our first steer entry in a major show and Rhaina’s last FTW! My how time flies!! Check with us for your next American steer project.


EMS  Bubba’s Good Stuff


Congratulations to Cleavie Allen and EMS George’s Eve!
Congratulations to Cleavie Allen and EMS George’s Eve on Winning Grand Champion at the East Texas Fair and Reserve Grand Champion at the JBBA Heifer Show at the East Texas Fair.  So proud of you!


2023 Cattleman’s Congress

Emmons Ranch sires knocked it out of the park at the 2023 Cattleman’s Congress in OKC.  EMS Johnny Cash sired the Grand Champion Female in the Open Show.  EMS Bet On Bubba sired the Reserve Champion Female and the Grand Champion Bull in the Open. In the Junior Show, “Bubba” sired the Grand and Reserve Champion Females.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors! Your next Champion is just a “straw” away!!

EMS Bubba Made
Champion of North America
Purchased by Kris and David Terry in our 2022 Production Sale.

“Bubba” strikes again!
This time in the steer world.

Wins $10,000 scholarship

Wins $10,000 scholarship


on an amazing victory at the San Antonio Livestock Show. GRAND CHAMPION BEEFMASTER BULL and AMERICAN PREMIER BULL. What an accomplishment to win SUPREME AMERICAN BULL.

Bubba continues to strike!


EMS Bubba Made
Grand Champion Beefmaster Bull
2021 State Fair of Louisiana


All 4 Division Champions in the Beefmaster Open Bull Show at the Fort Worth Livestock Show were sired by EMS BET ON BUBBA.

EMS Bubba Made
Grand Champion Bull
State Fair of Texas

EMS Bubba Made
Grand Champion Bull
State Fair of Louisiana

Congratulations to Bubba!
EMS Bet On Bubba was recently awarded the #1 AI Sire by Beefmaster Breeders United! Awarded at the 60th BBU Annual Convention.

View our Sires Page for additional details on Bubba, and Semen Information.

Congratulations to Santiago Garza!
Congratulations to Santiago Garza on his first show with this young Elvis stud.
Calf Champion Bull at West Texas Fair.

Bubba strikes again!
Congratulations to Vicente Garza on his first show with EMS Bubba’s Sniper. We expect great things out of this young stud!

EMS Cool Daddy
EMS Cool Daddy, owned by Aaron Roebuck, made the cover of Cattle Business in Mississippi. Congratulations to Aaron for making Beefmasters the spotlight in Mississippi!

Raegan, Raymie, Rhaina had a great 2021 JR NATIONALS

Emmons Ranch Sires Produce Champions
The Herd Sires from Emmons Ranch would like to congratulate their offspring winners at the 2020 JBBA National Heifer Show.  Out of 39 classes they had Champion or Reserve Champion in 30 of the classes.

  • 25 Class Champions
  • 21 Reserve Class Champions
  • 5 Division Champions
  • 5 Reserve Division Champions
  • Grand Champion
  • Reserve Champion
  • EMS Johnny Cash Granddaughters had 9 Class Champions, 6 Reserve Class Champions and 3 Division Champions
  • Red Ryder Granddaughters had 13 Class Champions, 12 Reserve Class Champions, 2 Division Champions and 5 Reserve Division Champions.
  • Bonfire daughters had 1 Class Champion.
  • Bonfire Granddaughters had 3 Class Champions, 2 Reserve Class Champions, 1 Division Champions,  and Reserve Grand Champion.
  • EMS Headliner daughters had 3 Class Champions, 6 Reserve Class Champions, 1 Division Champion, 3 Reserve Division Champions and Reserve Grand Champion.  Headliner Granddaughter had 1 Class Champion, 1 Division Champion and Grand Champion Female.
  • EMS Bet On Bubba daughters had 5 Class Champions, 3 Reserve Class Champions and 1 Division Champion.
  • EMS Captain Britches daughter had 1 Reserve Class Champion.
  • EMS Captain Britches granddaughters had 1 Class Champion, 2 Reserve Class Champion, 2 Reserve Class Champions, 1 Division Champion and Grand Champion.
  • EMS King George daughters had 1 Class Champion and 1 Reserve Class Champion.
  • EMS Ring Of Fire
  • daughter had 1 Class Champion.EMS Smooth Cavalier granddaughters had 2 Class Reserve Champions.
  • EMS Fire Chief  daughter had 1 Class Champion.


Livestock Photo a Day Challenge with Emmons Beefmasters!

Congratulations to Jared Floyd on producing an amazing steer produced by EMS Bet On Bubba, selling for $11,500.

"Bubba" strikes again!
EMS Bubba Power wins back to back Grand Champions at the San Antonio Livestock Show, 2019 & 2020.

2018 BPG Breeder of the Year
Emmons Ranch
Steve and Cindy Emmons

Bubba and Co strikes again!
First time out, EMS Bet On Rocky, Grand Champion at Beefmaster U.

EMS Bet On Bubba
Winningest bull in Beefmaster history!
2 X National Champion Bull
2 X Champion Houston Livestock Show
2 X Champion Ft Worth Livestock Show
2 X Champion San Anton Livestock Show
2 X Champion West TX Fair
2 X Champion State Fair of TX

Reserve your semen now.  Release and pay at Emmons Ranch Production Sale May 19.  5 straw min.  $55/straw w AI cert.

Emmons Ranch featured on Channel 8 News at the 2018 FWSS
Local ABC News interviewed Cindy and Rhaina at the FWSS. Watch the clip here.

Emmons Ranch featured on the American Rancher!
Watch the American Rancher on April 28, 2014 at 8:00 CST when Emmons Ranch will be featured.

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EMS Captain Britches


Johnny Cash

EMS Reba


Congratulations to Tassin Beefmasters of Bush, LA for winning the 2013 National Beefmaster Bull Championship with EMS Ring of Fire. EMS Ring of Fire was sired by Bonfire and EMS Color Me Sugar. The Tassin's purchased this bull from Emmons Ranch.

Bonfire, the 2010 National Champion Bull, has now produced a National Champion bull!

First Ever National Beefmaster Performance Champion

EMS Headliner

BW: 69
WW: 547
YW: 944
REA: 15.01
REA/CWT: 1.54
IMF: 2.5%

• 2012 Reserve National Champion
• 2011 and 2012 BPG Show Bull of the Year
• Grand Champion Bull - San Antonio Livestock Show 2011 and 2012
• Grand Champion Bull - West Texas Livestock Show 2011 and 2012
• Grand Champion Bull - Heart O'Texas Fair 2011 and 2012
• Grand Champion Bull - State Fair of Texas 2011 and 2012
• Grand Champion Bull - North American International Livestock Show, Louisville, KY 2011
• Grand Champion Bull - Beefmaster U 2012

Semen Price: $30/straw with AI Certificate

Emmons Ranch Does it again!

The oldest Bonfire calves hit the showring at JBBA Nationals in July. They are amazing!

• Grand Champion Bull - Bonfire X Lady Beth. Shown by Sage McManus.
• Class 9 Champion in Bull Division. Shown by Maggie Frey.
• Overall Live Animal Show Champion - Bonfire X Show Girl. Shown by Trenton Glaser.
• Class 3A Heifer Winner - Bonfire X EMS Stylish Jezzy. Shown by Raegan Emmons.

Watch for more Bonfire calves coming this fall.